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I don’t generally need a reason to plan a vacation, so give me any sort of excuse and I’m down the trip-planning rabbit hole. I accepted an exciting job offer this week, so the dude and I are looking to make a little trip somewhere to celebrate. Requirements: somewhere warm, with tropical beverages and within a five-hour flight of San Francisco. On the list so far are Baja (Todos Santos or the East Cape), Hawaii and Palm Springs, but I’d love to hear other suggestions. Where should we go?

A reminder: This weekend is your last chance to enter my Stella & Dot giveaway and shop the online trunk show (I picked up this beauty the other day and it hasn’t left my wrist since).

And on that note, happy weekend!


20 thoughts on “Where to?

  1. I’d love a tropical vacay too! Although I lived in San Diego, it’s so much different when you are somewhere warm for vacation! 🙂


  2. congrats on the new job!! that is exciting hm.. now where to celebrate, i think warm and tropic is definitely appropriate, i have always wanted to go to st. lucia

  3. How exciting, congrats on the job! We just took a long weekend trip to Palm Springs and it was LOVELY! However, if you have more time than a long weekend, I would suggest Hawaii. You just can’t beat that weather and atmosphere! …oh and the tropical beverages! 🙂 Can’t wait to see where you go!

    { Ellies Wonder }

  4. I would love a vacation time!! Visit Puerto Rico if you haven’t gone there yet. It is beautiful, warm and there are a lot of places you can visit.


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