Hill Hiking

By Malene Birger Higon Striped Dress, 80%20 Rina Booties, Clare Vivier neon stripe flat clutch, Westward Leaning Color Revolution Sunglasses

By Malene Birger dress, 80%20 boots, Clare Vivier clutch, Westward Leaning sunglasses

Whenever possible, I prefer to walk to get where I’m going; I just generally find it to be the most pleasurable way to get from point A to point B (in most cases). So when I moved to San Francisco, I found that careful planning of all walks was imperative to avoid unexpectedly walking up hills that are basically vertical faces, in both directions. I’ve started figuring out where the real beasts are (and luckily my neighborhood is pretty flat, at least by SF standards), and I’m able to avoid them when I want – but I’ve also learned something else: bigger hills=awesome views. Tradeoffs.

By Malene Birger Higon Dress – San Francisco Style BloggerBy Malene Birger Higon Dress – San Francisco Style BloggerBy Malene Birger Higon Dress – San Francisco Style Blogger


24 thoughts on “Hill Hiking

    • Thanks! My husband takes all the outfit photos usually. We have an old Olympus E-500 – I think it’s like six years old? Basically ancient in camera years, but it still does the trick. The lens we use for outfit pictures is a zoom lens – it definitely gives you more control with depth of field.

  1. i prefer walking too if i can and whenever i come to SF i definitely walk, no use renting a car plus i am way too scared to drive on those hills! love the dress and that clutch is awesome

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