Weekend Details

Ocean Beach Bird Chasing – San Francisco Style BloggerSome of my best longtime buddies came to visit this weekend (SF for the visitor-luring win, again) and despite clouds and fog, the reunion made for a very cheerful couple of days. So cheerful, in fact, that I couldn’t be bothered to photograph any of it (seriously – my sides are still sore from all the laughter). I did manage to remember my camera when we brought Milo out to Ocean Beach, where he was very pleased to discover plenty of gulls to harass.

Visitors are always an excellent excuse to continue to explore the San Francisco restaurant scene, and we hit up Greens, a classic vegetarian spot in a gorgeous space along the marina, and Little Star Pizza, which more than satiated my deep-dish pizza craving. It’s kind of blowing my mind as I realize how I’ll never run out of awesome dining options (of all shapes and sizes) to explore.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, filled with lots of gull-chasing and eating, obviously.

Ocean Beach Gull Chasing – San Francisco Style Blogger



18 thoughts on “Weekend Details

  1. you are right visitors are always a perfect excuse to check out restaurants. we did that last night in fact and found ourselves at a chinese dumpling house it was awesome

  2. Merci for your lovely comment on my blog! ♥ I like your stylish blog and your beautiful pictures! I Would love to keep in touch with you!!! Maybe you want to follow each other?
    Love, Kyra

  3. Mmm deep dish pizza- that’s the best kind 😉 Granted I’m biased since I’m from Chicago haha. And even though you weren’t able to snap many pics, these two sure are cute.I love how your dog sprung into attach haha

    xo Marlen
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